You’re reading part sixteen of my 30 (ish) day blog challenge. Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

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Day 2 — Your vices – Just Read It
Day 3 — Your parents – Barry & Carla
Day 4 — Your siblings – Barry & Daryl
Day 5 — Your dreams – I’ve got lots
Day 6 — Someone that inspires you – Stacey
Day 7 — Your job – Work in progress
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend you’ve never met – Stephanie
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet – George W. Bush
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to – Alyson
Day 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to – Papa Jim
Day 12 — Your dream vacation – Italy
Day 13 — Something you look forward to – Sundays
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from – Marci Marie
Day 15 — The person you miss the most – Sarah Kelley

I’m not that hard to get along with. No seriously, I could make friends with a brick wall. I get that from my dad. So, back in 2007 when I moved back to Texas, I wasn’t too worried about being home without many friends. I started volunteering with Young Life and met so many amazingly sweet girls that I feel like I’ve known for my whole life…but it’s only been 3 years. Sometimes, you meet someone and just know from the very first ‘hello’ that you’ve already been friends for 45 years. That’s exactly how I felt when I met my sister, Mallory Gilbert.

Malpal (which is what I like to call her…it just sounds fun…malpal) is a nut. Really, I’ve never met someone with so much spunk, A.D.D., chill factor, and sincerity all rolled in to one…which is an amazing fete. She’s a friend to many and it’s hard not to love her. She speaks my language, which is pretty hard to do. She’s got all these great little traits, but they’re so hard to explain. You’d honestly just have to meet her. But if you check out this letter, you’ll understand just why I love her:

Dearest Malpal,

Kidding me? You’re adorable. And I miss you. I’m so glad that I got to see you just a few weeks ago, though it already feels like it’s been years. Dear spring break, hurry up!

I’ve had the most fun of my life hanging around you these past few years. Your heart for your friends is so challenging. You love them fiercely, even when they are immature and stupid. You have faith in them, even when they fail you time and time again. Friends like you are one in a million, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

I love that you can just give me a look and I know exactly what you’re trying to say. I love that you talk with your hands and say ‘soooooo….yeah’ a lot. I love that some idiot wrote a song about you and perfectly describes you and your friends. 🙂

I know that I may be excessively selfish, but I’m praying that the only school that accepts you is Belmont so you can be closer to me. Let’s face it, the minute you get here, Port Neches will be the last place you’ll ever want to be. It’s amazing here. Nashville can’t wait to meet you…I know, she told me.

I literally just paused for 15 minutes to sign you up for Belmont info…my plan to get you here is in action. MUAHAHAHA!

Seriously though, you’ve shown me so much about how to be more laid back and silly in life. You’ve taught me how to trust people and how to really open up to them. I’m a braver girl because of you. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in your life. I know that there’s never going to be a limit to what you’re capable of.


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