You’re reading part fourteen of my 30 (ish) day blog challenge. Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

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Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to – Alyson
Day 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to – Papa Jim
Day 12 — Your dream vacation – Italy
Day 13 — Something you look forward to – Sundays

I have the best friends. I would say that my friends are definitely cooler than your friends. My friends are also cooler than me, but I guess that makes me reasonably cool by association. They are all ages, come from so many different walks of life, and each mean something so very special to me. There are also some that I feel I’ve let fall by the wayside. Life happens, I understand, but that doesn’t mean I get to back out of my friendship investments. So, today, I’m going to write an open letter to the COOLEST friend I have: Marci Marie Spencer!

Dearest Marci,

It seems so long ago that I first remember hearing who you were. And that was when we were in elementary school. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we roamed the halls of PNG High School. But, it feels like just yesterday that I was your Young Life leader. And I was so not cool enough to know you. Seriously though, let’s be honest: I wasn’t. I tried…tried too hard. We both know the SharpTop story, so I won’t repeat it (although if you’re reading this and you’re not Marci, come find me…I’ll tell you. It’s the most amazing revenge prank that didn’t quite happen ever planned! Sheer genius!) for everyone to see.

I didn’t even live in Texas, but that group of girls bonded with me so well and changed a lot about how I chose to live my life. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m back home. And there you are – the most friendly, engaging and cheery leader on the Young Life team. Not that you weren’t any of those things before, you just never were with me. It was fun getting to know this “new Marci”. I like her. (but I liked the old one, too) Really it was just a more mature you, but let’s face it…we’re still 5 years old. (cue the tribal indian music and dance party in the car)

Honestly, it was the greatest joy of my life to serve alongside you. You showed me so much about how to be a better leader and how to keep fighting even when the road seemed tough. The way our girls just naturally flocked to you and the way that you never said no was such a challenge to my heart. You helped me to love them better. That’s what I love about Young Life…it’s a ministry that keeps on giving – for kids AND for leaders.

Walking through life with you personally has been so great as well. Seeing you grow and learn and struggle and keep moving forward…I don’t think you know how truly amazing you are. And now that our lives have brought us both away from home, I’m not worried about you at all. You’re gonna dominate Dallas! Ha! I’m so excited for your journey and I love the times we get to talk and visit, though they’re not as often as I’d like. And I’m so glad that you and Travis are together there. I know that’s been a lot easier for you. Know that you have a family back home who prays for you and is so very proud of you. And you have a VERY proud big sister in Tennessee who will always be there to stand beside you.

They froze,

p.s. are you engaged yet? bahaha!

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